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Horoscope from 09 to 15/10/2017



Monday you are loaded. At work you go back, cheerful and carefree, but already on Wednesday you lose enthusiasm by feeling like a lazy, with the lazy moon in quadrature. Fortunately Friday, the new departure, guaranteeing a reckless weekend, which returns the usual verve. Prudence, on the other hand, with negotiations, from Tuesday you will have no more Jupiter to protect you, with Mercury in opposition, it is better to let others do. Sometimes your intensity complicates! Zealots all week, sweet, just Sunday, the couple works best by pointing to the dialogue.



A happy conjunction of the Moon begins, for you exponents of taurus. In this cycle, it would be a good idea to take full advantage of what is going on! Both in emotional and professional events, it is possible to have a beautiful and extraordinary situation ...


Our satellite is in the twelfth Astrological House, for you Gemini! Be guarded with people who expect to take advantage of something you care about. Despite the fact that several people are on your way, you will get what you have planned for ...



A pleasant position of our satellite begins, for cancer, on this first weekend day! You will be more vigilant about the practical facts of the norm and this will allow you to move forward in all areas of existence, especially those connected with love.



On this first day of the weekend, the night-vision star appears in a complicated quadrature, for you Leo ... What keeps you from giving you more solicitude? Those around you will see you less lively than usual, considering you dream of doing very slowly!



The Moon is in a comfortable trigon. You will be vigilant about the details and this will give you great benefits in all areas of life, especially those related to sentimental facts ... You can be well received by others because of your joyful mood!



Why do not you commit yourself to a new adventure? Our satellite is present in the eighth Astrological House today. You have the opportunity to receive important news regarding a fundamental aspect of existence, as relationships with relatives are more interesting ...



Our satellite enters a strange opposition for you Scorpio! If things look a bit hard, do not worry: in short, everything will improve. Those who stand beside you will think that you are less clear than normal, instead you try to overcome stress at all cost.



From this weekend day, a night star is, for you, Sagittarius, in the House of Health and Work! Everything will take place in the right direction: if you give the right space to passion, you will be very well accepted and the partner will feel closer to you ...



The imperturbability that identifies you these days allows you to reach arrival points that seemed inconceivable up to a few days ago ... There is a nice aspect of our satellite for you, Capricorn, starting from the morning for you all will be positive!



On the positive day for your sign, for you, Aquarius, a strange position of our satellite has formed. So that you are as seductive as you expect, you need a little less rest! Whoever stands next to you will judge you less acute than the standard ...



Whether you are with the people you attend for the profession or with whom you really like, you will be more prepared to deal with the small details of the usual; this will be beneficial. With the help of your imperturbability, you will be able to make you remark by someone whom many consider the top!






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