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Job Offers

Serravalle Sesia (VC)
We are looking for a babysitter, even a foreigner, to look after two 1 year and 9 year old children.
She accompanies them to school and asylum and stays with them
Free Sunday
400 euros per month
Tel 3245861862

Sant'Angelo di Brolo (ME)
We're looking for girls to pick up hazelnuts. Possibility of insertion for an indefinite period, for carrying out other tasks, always on farm.
Tel 3807907808

FP SERVICE snc - Rho, Lombardy Time indefinite
For our RHO - LAINATE -PREGNANA MILANESE (MI) customer, we select a caretaker for two-person assistance.
For this job you must have the following requirements: 1) Identity Card - Tax Code - 2) Residence Permit (For Foreigners) 3) Working References: - Minimum 2 years in the same family. You do not have to send CVs by email. Candidates must present themselves at RHO 20017 - Via Castelli Fiorenza 30 from Monday to Friday at 9.30 am without appointment bringing CVs with references
 (telephone numbers of previous employers).
Work contract: Indefinite time
Salary: € 1400.00 / month
Tel. 3461152882 

Corropoli (TE)
We are looking for agricultural worker for a farm located in corropoli. The work consists of vegetable transplanting and all the tasks they need during plant growth. Soil care and animal care. It offers a fixed-term contract of 3 months with ordinary remuneration
Full time working hours
For info 3927683200 also whatsapp
Send cv

Francavilla Angitola (VV)
Incitatus Ranch, looking for peasant worker, expert in cultivating fruit groves, olive groves, horse management and dogs. We require that you have previous experience. Minimum Age, 30 YEARS (nb: 30 years old!). If it is the first experience, no. I offer accommodation, without food, salary on the 10th of each month, hiring in order. the person we are looking for is for an indefinite period of time. this announcement is aimed at both men and women, foreigners and Italians, it is very important to be a quiet, working and reserved person who does not drink alcohol too much. during the working hours the phones are not used, except for emergencies,. our duty is to respect the dignity of the worker and to guarantee the salary, what we are looking for is above all a commitment in the terms above.
Tel 3922877787

Torricella (TA)
Hi, for the month of October, even earlier, the studio DAL MARE by MINGARI SALVATORE selects a driver with a license for car shifts Taranto Bari and Reggio Calabria for radio transmissions. We ask for max seriousness and punctuality. Send resume and photo contact at 3403790493, ask after Sal. Only Taranto area and province. max 25 years (max respect when you come to meet us, otherwise you will be expelled from the talks). The ad is also valid for foreigners as a rule thanks.
Tel 3403790493

Milano (MI)
Foorban is innovation. We are the first digital restaurant in Milan: every day we choose the best ingredients for our menu, we prepare the dishes and deliver them in less than 20 minutes. Thanks to the care of every detail we guarantee an extraordinary experience for our customers.
To be part of our fleet, it's enough:
to be familiar with the streets of Milan
have a bicycle or a scooter owned
own a smartphone with data plan
if you are a foreigner, possess a residence permit for work
All the equipment to work, we provide it to you (k-way, cellphone cuffs, polo, backpack).
We're going strong and this is the best time to get into our team! The compensation is very competitive and in addition the lunch is offered by us.
Applying is simple: complete this form in a few minutes and you will be ours

Calvizzano (NA)
I'm looking for a maid, preferably a foreign girl, for a job together with another one h24 (one, is already with us, I'm looking for the other). The person to watch is disabled, so you have to lift her (weighs 55kg).
Salary 700 €
Tel 3386361100

Presicce (LE)
A farm located in Presicce operating in the fruit and vegetable sector looks for agricultural workers employed in planting and harvesting vegetables. Please send resume
Tel 0833722240

Giugliano in Campania (NA)
I'm looking for a foreign maid to take care of an elderly person
Tel 3456067254

Roncofreddo (FC)
The company in Sorrivoli, a few miles from Cesena, is looking for a possibly experienced young man to prune fruit trees.
It is necessary to be equipped with a car
Tel 0547326078

Villabate (PA)
We are looking for a woman with experience. Six days a week, day and night, with a free day during the week that is not Sunday, which should take care of an elderly person of 81 years almost self-sufficient and without any particular illnesses.
The person required must take care of the house, cook and make company to the elderly woman.
We accept foreigners who know how to speak and understand Italian.
Work Area Villabate (Portella Di Mare).
Compensation 600 euros monthly plus food and lodging.
For further information please contact
Tel 3342841244.

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