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AGRIGENTO : They meet after the arrival with the boat and love, Nigerian refugees, married in Agrigento                              MESTRE: Immigrant stabbed in Mestre, a mystery to the causes                                BIELLA: A girl steals, but she is too generous with her accomplice and ends up handcuffed                                 ISCHIA:Movida violent, he attacks a 17 year old boy with a helmet for a cocktail poured on him
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AGRIGENTO : October 08, 2017
They meet after the arrival with the boat and love, Nigerian refugees, married in Agrigento


 A love story born after their arrival in Lampedusa. Two young Nigerians, after the "crossing" of the hope that .......Read all (26)

MESTRE: October 8, 2017
Immigrant stabbed in Mestre, a mystery to the causes
  A Senegalese citizen, regular in Italy and already known by law enforcement, was stabbed in via Piave .......Read all (25)
BIELLA: 08 October 2017
A girl steals, but she is too generous with her accomplice and ends up handcuffed

She had taken away about 150 Euros of clothing from the Ipercoop of Biella's shopping mall: but she made the mistake.......Read all (24)

ISCHIA: 8 October 2017
Movida violent, he attacks a 17 year old boy with a helmet for a cocktail poured on him

The carabinieri from the Ischia station have denounced personal injury aggravated by a 25-year-old resident.......Read all (23)

TARANTO : October 6, 2017
"You are of inferior breed". She is investigated, the lawyer Romina Axo, for xenophobic insults and family mistreatment.

 She would be accused of racism and xenophobic insults, Taranto's lawyer, Romina Axo, counselor of the "lawyer".......Read all (22)

Thiene VICENZA: October 06, 2017
Prostitute quarrels with a client, throws alcohol on him and gives him fire.

Panic scene in the night, at 1.30 am today, October 6th, inside the Riva di Magrè bar, where a prostitute, at the.......Read all (21)

ROME: October 06, 2017
John, the migrant hero who avoided a robbery: "I ask the government to help me for the residence permit"

We met him not far from the place where on September 30, the 31-year-old Nigerian managed to block a robber.......Read all (20)

Carugo COMO: October 02, 2017
After the shootings on the Moroccan boy, arms and drug delivery: three in jail

Here are those arrested by the carabinieri after the attempted murder of last August. Even a 50 year old woman.......Read all (19)

BARI: October 2, 2017
Bari, an Ivorian robbers in a villa. Upon arrival of the cops, he hid under the bed, when he was discovered, he attacked them with a scissor

Late last night, the Operative Room of the Bari Police Department received a phone call from a woman who .......Read all (18)

GENOA: 2 October 2017
Detention of Illegal Goods, Dominican, housekeeping woman, 52, arrested by carabinieri

A 52-year-old Dominican cleaner woman now with police precedents. In fact, he has to pay a 15-day imprisonment.......Read all (17)

VERCELLI: 01 October 2017
The drug, the 27-year-old girl from Saluggia has been denounced

Over 150 marijuana plants seized by agents of "Barriera Milano", together with the product already dried .......Read all (16)

Cantù, COMO 01 October 2017
New riot in the square: a person arrested. Dominicans of 25 years negotiate four months of penalty

New hot night in Piazza Garibaldi in Cantù, a city center that does not really want to get out of the news pages.......Read all (15)

UDINE: 30 September 2017
Death of Kwasi Agyemang: It was not murder

The 33-year-old Ghanaian had been found dead at the end of April in his home in Via Muratti.......Read all (14)

RIMINI: September 29, 2017
Gessica Notaro, public prosecutor has asked for 9 years in prison for stalking for the former boyfriend

Condemnation would be added to the 12-year-old claim for aggression with acid.......Read all (13)

NAPLES: 29 September 2017
They beat four policemen in Naples: the judge frees the three immigrants

They have beaten four policemen, sending them to the hospital, but they do not deserve to spend even one night in jail........Read all (12)

BRINDISI: 29 September 2017
Dominican woman, assaulted and robbed in the house

The woman was alone and the door was open. She was beaten by three delinquents.......Read all (11)

BOLZANO: September 29, 2017
Ibu, a garbage worker wearing clothes in her "Senegal"

Everything started five years ago, when Ibrahima Gaye, a boy from Dakar, Senegal, played in the then C2 .......Read all (10)

BRESCIA: 27 September 2017
"I tossed your credit card because you're a nigger shit." The truth about the video between the migrant and the controller

A 23-year-old Senegalese was arrested for violence and robbery against a Trenord controller on the Brescia-Cremona.......Read all (9)

ASTI: 26 September 2017
Operation Venus 2012. Asti police arrest a Dominican

He was long sought after, the Dominican arrested yesterday by agents of the Asti mobile team........Read all (8)

Lagaccio GENOA: 26 September 2017
Lagaccio. House arrest for the detention of illicit goods but at home they find weapons: a Dominican arrested again

A 27-year-old Dominican had been put to house arrest for the detention of illicit goods. But following a report of a .......Read all (7)

TERNI: 26 September 2017
He had cocaine, Dominican arrested

They had stopped him for a simple control in the center of Terni by the carabinieri.......Read all (6)

CALDOGNO: 24 September 2017
The bargain jumps, then the brawl for the falsary kit

The camerunese falsary kit sold in the Caldogno area.......Read all (5)

CAGLIARI: September 23, 2017
Cagliari, counterfeit goods seized in the hands of two senegalese.

Operation, Guardia di Finanza, via Roma: over 200 fake clothes.......Read all (4)

BOLOGNA : September 23, 2017
Bologna, the suicide of a senegalese, in the police station, after the arrest for ill-treatment

Staff shortages had already been denounced by police unions. The Questura: "We have adopted all security.......Read all (3)

TORINO : September 14, 2017
The Nigerian Mafia in Turin, the defendant: "We are a charitable association

A version heavily contested by PM Stefano Castellani, who exclaimed: "I'm surprised to hear these things, there .......Read all (2)

MONTEVARCHI : September 9, 2017
First the harassment of a woman, then the brawl in the street, four people denounced in Montevarchi

A young Nigerian girl was in the house of three compatriots who, probably after drinking, would have harassed .......Read all (1)









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