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Get pregnant at age 45: is it possible or not?                                  :Breastfeeding until when?                              :Science says it: McDonald's fried potatoes help hair growth                               :Stay pregnant during the cycle: is it possible?
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Get pregnant at age 45: is it possible or not?
Female fertility decreases over the years. Yet more and more women are choosing to become mothers after age 40 But what are the chances of getting pregnant at age 45? And what are the risks? We make the point.

   The pregnancy after 45 seems today almost a fashion. However, female fertility is limited in time and the longer you wait, the less chance you have of fulfilling your dream. The spontaneous fertility, in fact, begins to decrease much after 35 years, it has another decline after 39 and between 40 and 42 is reduced to 5% of what it would have been to 25. "Not only after 39 years increases sensibly the risk of spontaneous abortion and chromosomal malformations ".
It is just around the age of 42 that this period currently called a fertile pause begins, in which the hormones still work but the follicles are often empty or with damaged oocytes.
For all these reasons, at 45 years old, natural pregnancies are exceptional events and the chances of completing these pregnancies are extremely low.
Pregnant at 45, how does the body respond?
It is essential to have a healthy lifestyle (not smoking, being normal, practicing physical activity): "A woman over 40 years of age is at risk of diabetes and hypertension".
In fact, diabetes and gestational hypertension are the two most widespread problems in cases of pregnancy in old age: "We must always remember that age is the first factor that puts pregnancy at risk: all these diseases have a negative impact on the development of fetus and on the growth of the child. For these reasons, pregnancies in old age are followed much more closely and there is a much higher percentage of caesarean sections ".

Breastfeeding until when?
Breastfeeding a child up to 3 years is neither harmful nor useless, as the midwife explains

Often, indeed too often, mothers ask me if their milk is good for their baby, if it is not very nutritious or if they have enough. These women must know that breast milk is the only complete, specific and perfect food for the baby's growth.
Another fear of mothers is whether prolonged breastfeeding can be detrimental to the child's mental development. Several studies have shown how the babies who have their breasts available (as did our great grandparents) abandon it autonomously and serenely around 3 years. Weaning all children around 6 months or even earlier is completely wrong because every child follows his own evolutionary stage. Pediatricians should advise to wean the baby when the baby:
- Can sit alone without pillows.
- He manages to pass food from one hand to another and bring it to his mouth alone.
- If the tongue does not come out when a spoon is placed on the lower lip.
The WHO (World Health Organization) states that a newborn should be exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months of life, without the introduction of herbal teas, chamomile, water or food. After the 6 months of life, breastfeeding should continue in a complementary way to food up to 2 years of age of the child or until mother and child so desire. These indications clearly mean that during prolonged breastfeeding there is no "deadline" for milk that a mother produces, which is indeed the perfect food for the child and that should not be stopped because society "imposes" it or, because those around us criticize our choice.

Science says it: McDonald's fried potatoes help hair growth
It seems that the ingredient is contained in the oil for frying ...

According to a study conducted in Japan by Yokohama National University, the oil in which McDonald's chips are fried could avoid baldness and allow men and women to experiment new colors and haircuts.
We are all in love with our hair and always do our best to prevent it from falling. The news about their rapid regrowth comes from an unexpected source, that is, the oil of fast food.
It seems that the dimethylpolysiloxane, an agent that prevents the formation of foam used in the food industry, has allowed to grow the germs of the hair follicle. This has been verified to date on hairless rats and, to see if the same results are obtained on humans, it will be necessary to wait at least another 5 years. These are the words of Junji Fukuda, one of the scholars who followed the research published on Biomaterials.
It is clear that plenty of fries, the best friends of the hamburger, unfortunately will not solve the problem of hair to be collected after a shower though ... maybe we could afford to eat chips with some sense of guilt in less, even if this does not will guarantee incredible hair.


Stay pregnant during the cycle: is it possible?

As experts explain, having intercourse during the menstrual cycle does not eliminate the possibility of pregnancies. This is why it is important to eliminate doubts and live moments of intimacy with security and responsibility

RIMINI: 13 February 2018
Carambola in the A14 tunnel under the Covignano hill
Two minor injuries, and heavy traffic delays, the Forlì highway police intervened

At first, the worst was feared, due to an accident that occurred in the early afternoon of Monday, in the Rimini area of ​​the A14. The carambola occurred, around 14h, in the south lane at the entrance of the tunnel that passes under the Covignano hill and saw a Ford Focus driven by a 25 year old from Romania and a Citroen van driven by a 38 year old Dominican. For reasons still being examined by Forlì police officers, the two vehicles collided carambolating on the sides of the tunnel and then stopped at the center of the roadway, as there was no emergency lane in that section. The alarm went off. This made ambulances and firefighters intervene but, to the first rescuers, the conditions of the injured did not appear serious and, after having stabilized them, they were taken to the emergency room of Rimini for the investigation of the case. The traffic, however, has had heavy slowdowns with queues arriving about 4 kilometers from the accident and, only after 16, the situation has returned to normal.

CATANIA: 13 February 2018
Cocaine between South America and Sicily, fugitive captured in Lisbon
The Gdf of Catania alerts the Portuguese police: Cleudy Eliseo Peguero Cruz stuck at the airport

 The Guardia di Finanza Etnea warned the Portuguese police for the capture of the fugitive Cleudy Eliseo Peguero Cruz, at the Lisbon airport, involved in the "Narcos" anti-drug operation that took place in March 2017 from the Catania Economic-Financial Police group.
On that occasion, an organization that traded cocaine on the South America-Sicily route had been vanquished. With regard to the four main perpetrators - among whom Peguero Cruz who was abroad - had been issued by the Procura Etnea, a detention order for the indictment of an urgent crime, carried out against the three Italians involved, together with the seizure, inside a container, arrived in the port of Salerno, a cargo of over 110 kg of cocaine discovered by the financiers of Catania.
In the morning of last Friday, the Gdf has learned about the imminent arrival at the port of Portugal of the fugitive, born in Spain, who was traveling with a Dominican passport. The capture is thus triggered. The extradition order is now awaited.

MILAN: 13 February 2018
  2-year-old child launches onto a railway track, saved
He was with his mother on the quay of the Repubblica metro stop in Milan. Suddenly he started running, and launched himself on the tracks.

A two-year-old was rescued by an ATM agent, the Milanese transport company, which immediately blocked the incoming train, and by a boy, who descended on the tracks to recover the child. The child has had slight bruises, while his mother, a Senegalese citizen, has had enormous fear. The mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, has invited the two rescuers to Palazzo Marino. "Today, we have all been able to admire what can be called a courageous gesture."

TERAMO: 13 February 2018
Cocaine from South America, two arrests. The agents of the Flying Squad have arrested two Italians and notified the measure of the obligation of residence to a Colombian woman

The police officers of Teramo arrested two Italians on Saturday and notified the measure of the obligation of residence to a Colombian woman in the context of an investigation that allowed them to discover a business of importing pure cocaine from South America.
The sources of evidence that have made it possible to ascertain the existence, in the territory of the province of Teramo, of a well-organized activity of importing cocaine-like drugs are substantial and have started from the arrest of an Italian resident in the territory of province of Teramo at Rome-Fiumicino airport with a suitcase containing about five kilograms of pure cocaine.
During the investigative activity it was ascertained that the criminal group, with the collaboration of some people residing in Peru, was able to negotiate the purchase for the subsequent importation of cocaine from South America. About 27 thousand doses of cocaine could have been obtained from the imported drug.

TREVISO: 12 February 2018
Treviso, abandons husband and three children to follow in Brazil the saint "brother of Jesus"

The life of Andrea, a man of forty years of Crocetta in the province of Treviso, is a real via crucis: his wife abandoned him along with his three children to escape to Brazil to follow Riccardo Piccolo, an Italian-Brazilian saint , better known as Angelo Samuel and claiming for himself the attribution of "brother of Jesus". In addition, the Treasury seeks him for the legal costs not incurred, legal fees for the crimes of his wife Tiziana C., who has escaped the moral obligation to take care of children.
The nightmare began about ten years ago: he and his wife, along with about forty followers, escaped from the local community of Jehovah's Witnesses. "To make us courage we started meeting in Crocetta knowing Riccardo Piccolo, his Brazilian father, his Italian mother. When he said he was the brother of Jesus, many left. We stayed 5/6 couples. But some women, including my ex-wife who was pregnant at the time, began to worship him as a god. "

TREVISO: 10 February 2018
He robbed in the shops of the center, captured 40-year-old Dominican man
The Treviso police, following a specific activity, arrested Ramirez Rodriguez Juan Francisco. For him, the doors of the Santa Bona prison in Treviso have been opened

"TREVISO In the morning of yesterday, February 9th, the personnel of the Capture Section of the Treviso Mobile Squad, following a specific activity, arrested a man of forty years, the Dominican Ramirez Rodriguez Juan Francisco. It resides in the province of Treviso. The Public Prosecutor's Office in the Court of Treviso has ordered imprisonment for nine months imprisonment in execution of a detention provision, which was issued, for the crimes of attempted theft and outrage to a public official, committed by the Dominican in 2007 and 2010. The Dominican citizen was already known to the police as a subject of a violent nature for having committed several offenses against the person in the past, as well as crimes against property. In those years he had tried to steal products of various kinds from shops in the city center. For him the doors of the Santa Bona prison in Treviso have been opened. "

VERONA: 10 February 2018
New "big shot" for anti-drug dogs on the low-cost bus. The drug seized by financiers
New "big shot" for the four-legged agents of the Guardia di Finanza. Efrem and Emos, the snuffers of narcotic substances of the yellow flames, last Wednesday, during some checks on low cost buses, arriving at the Verona station, Porta Nuova, allowed to arrest a young Gambian man and a Nigerian woman they had a total of almost four kilos of drugs, including hashish, marijuana and cocaine.

The man was wearing 7 grams of cocaine in a cellophane wrap, hidden in a tube of fluid cream, and in his backpack he had 600 grams of marijuana and 200 of hashish. The woman instead carried over 3 kilos of marijuana in the suitcase, divided into three large casings on which, in an attempt to conceal the smell of the dog's nose, she had sprinkled a substance with a very strong menthol scent. Efrem and Emos, however, did not let themselves be deceived by the two couriers and immediately identified the drugs. The two foreign citizens have been arrested and are now in the Montorio prison.


PALERMO: 10 February 2018
Abusivism, self-washing and garage seized in Palermo
The State Police seizes a garage in Palermo with an adjoining totally unauthorized car wash. The manager has been denounced. In action the agents of the Administrative Section of the Oreto-station police station, together with staff of the Provincial Police, in via Venezia.

The activity housed inside two distinct areas, one used for paid parking, and the other for washing.
At the time of checking, there were numerous cars and motorbikes parked. The person who ran the business, a Ghanaian, without a residence permit and any identification document: after the photo-signaling operations at the Offices of the Scientific Police and the investigations at the Immigration Office, it was adopted against him a provision for expulsion from the national territory. The business owner, a 70-year-old man from Palermo, was reported for the lack of discharge authorization and the prescribed fire prevention certificate, as well as for the illegal disposal of waste, solid and liquid. The place has been placed under preventive seizure, as well as all the necessary equipment to carry out the illicit activity.

FLORENCE: 22nd January 2018
We rent, but only to Italians. Joy's odyssey, for a year without finding a home

A Nigerian lady has been looking for a home for almost a year, but clashes with the distrust of the owners. On the phone, real estate agents tell her that there are no homes, but if her Italian woman friend calls, the houses are available


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